Episode 7
FORMAT: .wmv
TIME: 30 min

I stalked my meat crawling on all fours. This dark and hung brotha was laying naked awaiting my soft plump lips. I opened up wide and began to suck up his long shaft. He was so turned on I thought he would lose it, so I quickly shoved his dick into my soft but firm asshole, mmmm...It was so tense I just wanted him to cum all over my face! I just love CUM Facials....

Episode 6
FORMAT: .wmv
TIME: 36 min

I have always wanted to be fucked hard by two guys, it's a fantasy that became all so true when I ran into these two sitting at this very Famous Bar and Restaurant. I invited them back to my suite for an anal tune up! They filled my ass up with oil using a funnel tube and took turns as I sucked and fucked their hard rods. These guys wanted to explode so bad I was Cum soaked from head to toe...LOL.. Ladies your all next, I'm ready to taste cherry pie!!

Episode 3
FORMAT: .wmv
TIME: 46 min

Fucking this Young and Hot Ass PR, was a dream come true, I coudn't believe my eyes when I found this guy. I was so turned on by his dick all I wanted to do was lick and suck him dry, I was so thirsty for his load! I rammed his dick into my ever so wet pussy. I let him pound up and down in me until I couldn't take it anymore, my pussy unleashed it's juices all over his hammer, then I made sure I sucked his dick and balls bone dry.



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